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As you may know, Google AdWords is king of Pay-Per-Click. They get tons of advertisers vying for an ad spot and paying top dollars for those spots. As such, Google maintains the highest standards of quality control – punishing those who don’t know what they are doing while rewarding those who do.

While Google does offer a ton of help to advertisers trying to do well on the network, they don’t bother making it easy to find that “help”. I guess they figure that only those who are truly serious about marketing will bother digging and searching around for these nuggets of tips that’ll help them market better on AdWords.

Below are 9 advanced tips/strategies I dug up that will help you get a better understanding of AdWords and help your efforts. Enjoy!

9 (Advanced) Things You May Not Know About Google AdWords

  1. Google keeps a history of how good your account performs. The better your track record, the more Google likes you. And the more Google likes you, the less cost your clicks will be.

    By track record I am talking about your click-thru-rate, ad position, how much you are spending, your keywords’ quality score, etc.

  2. You can use Google AdWords Tool to analyze your website for keywords. Just use the “Website content” option and enter your web address. The best part about this is that Google will return keywords in the order of relevancy, so you know what will make Google happy and give you a good quality score. And if the keyword you want to bid on is lower on the relevancy scale, you know you should go back and optimize your landing page more for that keyword.
  3. If you have bad history with Google and want to start afresh, opening a new AdWords account doesn’t cut it… you’ll have to come up with a brand new domain name since Google also tracks domain names. If you are worried about losing PageRanks, don’t sweat it. Keep your current name for SEO purposes and retaining your ranking, use the new domain to point to the same folder on your server and use THAT domain for PPC only.
  4. Content Network is longer requires you to bid using CPM. Google has wised up and now allows CPC on the content network… This is great news for you so go setup your content network!
  5. You are no longer blind on the content network. You can actually see exactly where you ads on content network is showing up on by running a Report. Wooooohhhh, can you link this to placement targeting? (Hint: the answer is yes, you are now able to see which relevant sites have AdSense and now try targeting it with placement targeting).
  6. Google throttles your account initially. Don’t be surprised if you find your account not getting the clicks (or impressions for that matter) you wanted and thought you’d get. Google sets up a cap for you in terms of spending.

    Brand new accounts start at only $50 per pay period and they typically bill you once a month. What this means that you may try telling Google you want to spend $2,000 a month and you want to get ALL those clicks… but in reality, they are only going to get you at most $50 worth of clicks.

    Once they successfully charge your card, they raise your limit a bit, and the cycle repeats. This is why having an AdWords account with long history helps (your limit goes up).

  7. Google is fine with your using the word “free” in your ad… But when a visitor goes to your website, they better get what they were promised for “free”. And having them opt-in first to get the product is not “free” – Google knows that a lead is worth some monetary value.
  8. Make sure you have “Privacy Policy”, “Disclaimer”, and “Contact” pages (or some form of them) reachable from your landing page. Google wants you to be very open (and honest) with what you are doing.
  9. Every 6 to 8 weeks, a pair of actual human eyes WILL scope out your account including your ads and your landing page… So if you are trying anything funny (i.e. using the word FREE in your ad, using illegal pop-ups, etc.), don’t be surprised if your campaign, that was once rolling just fine, all of a sudden get slapped by Google. And if you think, “oh, no problem, if that happens, I’ll just UNNNNDO what I did.

    Well, guess what, it’ll take another 6 to 8 weeks before another human eyes come back and UNslap you… That’s some costly wait time.

There ya have it folks! Please feel free to post any more tips/advice you have concerning AdWords in the comments section.

Raymond Fong

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