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Why do marketers complicate things? Email marketing isn’t that hard. A lot of it is really common sense. And yet, when it comes to this practice, a lot of marketers throw common sense right out the window with the baby, the bath water and the bathtub. Well, if you’re not having any success with your email marketing campaigns, it might be because you’re making some of these horrible mistakes. Well, I’m going to simplify the whole process for you by telling you what NOT to do.

At the top of the list of things NOT to do is spam. Why do marketers feel that they need to send unsolicited emails to the whole world. First of all, if somebody hasn’t personally opted into your list or asked for your information, they are not likely to buy anything from you anyway. Untargeted mailings to millions of people is not the way to build a successful business. On top of that, if you’re caught spamming, you risk getting your butt thrown in jail. Think I’m kidding? Take a look at some recent news stories.

Another big mistake email marketers make is with their subject lines. They try to deceive their list with subject lines that have nothing to do with the email. Look, if you’re sending an email for whatever it is, make sure the subject of the email clearly reflects what the content of the email is going to contain. Tricks don’t work and your list is going to get very upset with you if you continually do this. A great subject line is one where the prospect can see the immediate benefit of opening and reading YOUR email.

Finally, there is getting your emails delivered. So many marketers scrimp and save here and either go with a third rate service or try to deliver the emails from their own servers. The scripts you’ll get to do this are no where near as good as the ones used by top providers such as Aweber and GetResponse. Plus, you can’t possibly keep up with the spam lists like these companies do, which will ultimate lead to fewer of your emails getting delivered.

Naturally, there is more, but these few simple tips will make your email marketing campaigns a lot easier than they already are.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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