Perks at Collocation Facilities

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If you’ve ever had to go to your colocation facility to work on your server, you know how long it can take and how tedious it can be. It’s not unusual to work on your server for a few hours at a time. Many colocation facilities recognize this reality and offer some additional perks to make your time at the facility more productive and more pleasant.

Coffee. Coffee breaks are much needed when you’re working on your server. Not only for the caffeine fix you may require to keep your eyes open, but it’s a much needed break. Many facilities offer complimentary coffee for their customers. You can sit in the facility’s lounge and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while chatting with other customers who are also working on their servers at the same time.

Tea, Water and Refreshments. Don’t like coffee? It’s okay. Most facilities that offer coffee will also offer complimentary tea, water and refreshments. You can enjoy a small snack while you’re sipping your tea and hydrating with fresh, purified water.

Wi-Fi. Business doesn’t stop just because you’re working on your server. Many colocation facilities provide their customers with complimentary Wi-Fi access. Bring in your laptop and you’ll still be able to stay in touch with your employees, boss and customers while you’re working on your server. You’ll also be able to check your email, download programs or just take a break and watch a funny video on YouTube.

Video Games. Yes, it’s true; some colocation providers even have video games for their customers to play while they’re at the facility. These providers realize how important it is to de-stress while you’re working. Video games are the perfect way to re-focus your mind, take a much needed break and socialize with the other customers. Not only that, but it’s a nice bonus to entice you to chose them as your colocation provider.

Colocation doesn’t have to be only about racks and servers. In addition to the core services, many colocation facilities are offering additional bonuses and perks as an incentive for you get your colocation services from them. So, if you know you’re the type to spend lots of time working on your server, you may want to consider collocating with someone who can offer you some extra comforts and perks.

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