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Pay per click is a type of marketing strategy typically used in conjunction with search engines. Commonly referred to as PPC this tool is used to have internet traffic directed to ones site. The PPC is often used through affiliate marketing. The advertiser places banners or links on the affiliate’s site to direct traffic to their site. When the visitor clicks on the banner, the affiliate is entitled to a set fee.

Key words are a part of the PPC campaign. It is important to place banners or advertisements on sites that would likely have the same target market. Keywords used for the advertised site should be similar to the affiliate site, to ensure that visitors are interested. Otherwise the exposure and money may be wasted. Those few cents paid to the affiliate for every click can get expensive. Plus there is not a guaranteed purchase from the visitor either. Granted most of the PPC advertising that is based on clicks only pays relatively small amounts, but with enormous clicks a large debt can occur quickly. If set up correctly PPC can work well, making the advertiser have numerous sales or visits.

In order to be successful, keywords and affiliate sites should be chosen carefully. It is also important to ensure that the clicks are that of unique visitors. There are those that have unscrupulous practices and increase clicks with unintentional buyers. Choosing reputable affiliates or companies with good reputations can help alleviate any worry of the same users clicking over and over. In fact most PPC programs are automated and only charge an advertised site for the unique clicks.

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