Why Internet Marketers Need an Email Marketing Campaign

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If you are an internet marketer you must have an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is the only way to build up rapport and a relationship with your prospects. This relationship is extremely valuable for two important reasons.

The first reason to build a relationship with your prospects is simply people buy from those they know and trust. As you prospects grow to trust that you will deliver quality products at a fair price, they will buy from you again and again. This is pure profit as it costs you nothing once you collect the email address. Only email marketing gives you the opportunity to sell multiple products and service to the same person.

The second reason to build a relationship is to sell higher prices and higher profit items. Try selling a $2,500 item to someone who just came across your sales letter. They are not likely to buy. Now try promoting a $2,500 product to someone who as received quality emails from you. You will have completely different response.

With a quality list you can arrange joint ventures with other internet marketers. You could promote their product to your list and they would promote yours. This is a quick way to build your traffic. Of course many of your partners will also subscribe to your list, growing your list!

You can quickly see that using a successful email marketing plan you main source of profit is on the backend. You should simply get the prospect “in the door” with an introductory product that is of exceptional value.

Of course, the why you need email marking part is the easy part. The actually doing or process can take some time to learn. To get a step by step blueprint to starting your email campaign see the resource link below.

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