Guerilla Link-Building – How to Get Inbound Links From Relevant Websites

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Search engine optimization professionals know that link building is essential to getting top search engine rankings. That’s because inbound links play a role in how your site is ranked by the search engines.

You can get inbound links quickly by listing your site in directories. But as a long-term link-building strategy, you should also devote part of your time each month to finding complementary sites and negotiating to get links from them.

Here are some of the best link-building strategies targeted toward other website owners:

  • Get social. This is one of our favorite ways to link build — get out there and play in your community! If you become a regular part of forums and groups related to your niche, people will just naturally link to you.

    But you should also see who the influencers are — the people who already have high credibility, and who people listen to and follow. Then figure out how you can work with them. Why not offer to record an interview with them that you can post up on your website? Chances are they will link to it!

  • Create link bait with audio, video, and free articles. Video is a fantastic, viral way to build links, but you can go one better! Follow who is linking to your YouTube video and see what else you can do for them. To do that you just need to click on the Links number.

    You can also look at videos that are related to your niche and see who is linking to them so you can contact them.

  • Follow leads through article directories. Submitting articles to directories is a fantastic way to start link-building. But the links within the article directories themselves will not help you — it is the relationships you can build through them that are valuable, the same as with video.

    First, monitor who is posting your articles so you can build out a further relationship with them. Second, find good, relevant websites that could use your valuable content and develop a relationship with them. Every site needs fresh content! Call the site owners and give them all the benefits of you writing content for their website. You will build up a much better relationship with them “voice to voice” than by trying to get through to them by email.

    For even further link-building benefits, offer customized content just for them. This will put you in the search engine rankings for sure because it is not duplicate content and will have a link back to your website.

    Also take a look through their website. Do they have a blog? Who does not need new blog content? Write up a pitch of how and why you should own a column on their blog. You could do a weekly or monthly write-up for them.

When you’re placing the link to your website in your article, column, or video, do it strategically. Use anchor text and place it within the body of the article. Remember to always mix up your anchor text with different phrases. Another good link-building hint is to vary where on your site you link to. Link to other key pages on your site besides your homepage — or even just to content related to that article.

Cherry picking websites and getting them to link to you can take time… but it’s a long-term link-building strategy that will pay off in higher search engine rankings that stand the test of time.

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