How to Increase Your Website Ranking With the Search Engines

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What is Page Ranking?

This is a ranking that is determined by the search engines and will affect your web page position in the search results. Page ranking is mostly determined by popularity. The search engines determine your web page popularity by how many websites link to that web page. Another factor that affects your page ranking is the page ranking of the web page that links to your web page. If you get a high ranking web page to link to your web page, then that will increase your page ranking.

Anchor text is the words that are visible for a link to another web page on your website or on another website. It is important to use your targeted keyword or key phrase in the anchor text that links to your web page.

You should use the targeted keyword or key phrase to link to web pages on your own website. The links should be in your navigation bar and at the bottom of the web pages. Put all main topic links in the navigation bar, and then put related web page links in the bottom links. For example if you are selling pet supplies, you would have product categories in the navigation bar such as “Dog Supplies” or “Cat Supplies”. You may also have sub-categories such as “Dog Toys” or “Cat Toys” that may also be listed in the navigation bar. On the web pages that relate to “Dog Toys” you would have links to specific types of dog toys. Links to other web pages on your website will also affect your page ranking, so make sure you have links to every web page that you want to have listed in the search results of the search engines.

How to Get Links From Other Websites?

The easiest way to get links from high ranking web pages is to post articles in Discussion Groups, and Forums that relate to the topic of your website or web page. You can write the articles yourself or have someone else write the articles for you. There are companies that will write unique articles for you based on the keyword or key phrase that you choose. Posting the same article as a hundred other people will not help you. Make sure your article is unique.

Make sure the article targets the keyword or key phrase of the web page that you want to link to. If allowed by the group or forum, then try to put links in the body of your article that use the targeted keyword or key phrase as anchor text. If this is not allowed, then you can usually put a link in you author box or bio information. Make sure to use the anchor text. Some article directories, discussion groups and forums do not allow active links in the article or in the author information. Post one article to test if your links are active, before you post any more make sure your links are active and work. Do not waste your time and resources by posting articles on websites that do not allow active links, because your goal is to get links back to your website.

Social media is taking the Internet by storm and this can be a very easy way to get links back to your web pages from very high ranking websites. You could make a video and post it on YouTube, putting an active link in the video description that links to your website using anchor text and your targeted keyword or key phrase. YouTube videos can be viewed by millions of people, so this will also help get traffic from the people who view your video as well.

Squidoo is a social media website that will host web page(s) for you called lens. You can embed your YouTube video on your lens as well as post articles and photos. Squidoo also uses Google AdSense and other Affiliate programs to monetize their website. If a visitor clicks on an advertisement, then you get a portion of the money, which can be paid to you or to a charity. In addition to the link you can also get traffic from visitors to your lens.

There are many other social media websites that you can post to and get links back to your web page(s). There are also social bookmarking websites that you can use to make your article posts, videos, or other information known to other users of the social bookmarking website. Do not neglect this avenue to get traffic to your website, web pages, article posts and videos as well as getting another link for your page ranking. Be creative and you can have a high page ranking with the search engines in no time at all.

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