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Firstly, let me clarify now what a search engine ranking is. When someone makes a searches using Google, Yahoo, MSN or many of the numerous smaller services, they type in something they want to know about – this is called a ‘query’. When they enter that ‘query’ they are then presented by a whole list of results. This list of results is often termed Organic results. These are different to the Sponsored results that often appear down the right hand margin of the search results page, and sometimes can appear at the top of the page shaded in a slightly different background color.

These Sponsored results are merely adverts placed by those whose websites are linked by the adverts. These advertisers pay to have their adverts appear when certain words or phrases (known as keywords) are typed into the search company’s services. Because these advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their specific advert, these results are often referred to as PPC or pay-per-click results, which is why they are termed ‘sponsored’ results.

Getting positioned (ranked) high with these PPC adverts is a completely specialized area, and one I’ll avoid discussing now as it’s a completely separate subject in itself, as this information now is focused on discussing ways to get highly ranked using the organic search results.

Getting “highly ranked” simply means that when someone types in a query into a service like Google, then the closer your website appears visible to being on page 1 of the results and then the higher up that page 1 you appear, the greater likelihood there is the person doing the searching will then click on your website. If you appeared low down the results, say page 12, it’s pretty obvious that the person searching for results is highly unlikely to ever look that far through all the search results, especially when you consider that on each page of results there is on average about 10 websites, so being on page 12 would mean the person searching would have to scroll through over 100 websites before they even came close to finding your website.

The key is pretty clear – aim to get on page 1, and then as high up the page (preferably in the top 3 results), which then gives you the greatest chance that your website will get seen and people will visit it.

The obvious benefit over Organic results as opposed to Sponsored (PPC) results is whenever anyone finds your website and clicks on it with in the Organic results list, it costs you nothing! Whereas if you had placed a PPC ad to appear in the Sponsored results list, you have to pay every time someone clicks on your advert (regardless of whether you’ve sold them anything from your website or not).

There is also another great advantage to using Organic search as a way to drive people to your website, as opposed to Sponsored search, and that is the credibility of the results. People entering a ‘query’ will believe that the results that come back via Organic results are far more credible and genuine to solving what their query relates to then Sponsored results. The reason for that is most folks are now aware that the Sponsored results are all adverts paid for by the advertisers of those websites, and so they believe that person is paying to get ranked (as in fact they are), which in turn undermines the true value of that search result as credible in the eyes of the person searching “oh, that only appeared because they paid to be there” is in their minds.

The difference with Organic results is the searcher ‘believes’ that what appears in their organic results list is true, real and of genuine value to their quest in solving the answer to their query.

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