SEO Secret – Sort Your Content Into Silos to Make Hay With the Search Engines

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Did you realize the organizational structure of your website plays a key SEO role in a) getting your website ranked properly in the search engines and b) helping your visitors find what they’re looking for? Proper site organization is a key SEO strategy because it eliminates distractions – for both the search engine spiders and your human visitors. And the way to accomplish that is to organize your site by keyword theme and organize those themes into separate “silos.” What’s a silo?

Here’s a definition from siloother. attributively silo and as an adjective siloed, kept separate from similar items, especially in the case of funds, a budget line item, a department, etc.; noun, something that is kept separate or compartmentalized; verb, to keep separate.

Think of how your favorite store catalog is put together by topic or product theme. That’s how the SEO silo structure works. To create a silo structure on your website, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Take similar topics and put them together in themes
  2. Support each theme’s keywords with synonyms and related words
  3. Structure your website in silos that reflect the separate themes
  4. Give each silo a number of levels
  5. Streamline links to eliminate confusing internal linking

This is an incredible SEO secret to get ahead of your competitors. It’s been proven that sites organized this way garner better results using this type of navigational and linking structure. When you give the search engines these clear and distinct paths, they’ll understand your site on a deeper level… and that’s what good SEO is all about. This will help improve your rankings because it can make your site stand out as the most relevant for each theme. And that means you’ll get the search engines working harder for you by sending you better-targeted visitors.

Once your visitors arrive, your number-one goal should be to help them solve their problems with your product or service. If they’re interested in Dog Training Tips, they should land on the page of your website about Dog Training Tips, or at least find an easy path from your home page to get there. Using SEO silos, you can increase conversions by creating clear sales funnels.

To get a leg up on your competition by organizing your content into SEO silo themes today, start doing some keyword research and putting your themes together:

  • Track back through your SEO keyword tool of choice.
  • Look at your competitors’ websites.
  • Check your PPC campaign results.
  • Ask your analytics program how people found your website.
  • Read your Google Webmaster central report to see what you are currently ranked for.
  • Ask people in your industry and your target audience what keywords they would search for to help you build up your theme and silos.

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