Tailoring Keywords For Success

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Here’s a great tip for making money online. Use Google to help tailor your keywords. You can do this by testing out different keyword phrases and see just how many sites Google brings up, using those words.

This is niche marketing, and if you’re a serious internet marketer, this is something you need to explore and exploit to your benefit. The less competition you have, the better your chances are for having people visit your website. By zeroing in a specific niche targets, you are filtering and spearheading your marketing strategy.

The very popular keywords may sound very tempting, but then you wind up getting lost in the internet crowd. You become one small voice shouting with hordes of MILLIONS of other voices, all trying to get someone’s attention.

For example: Type in the the keywords, “Make money online,” and there are 39.8 MILLION other sites using those same keywords. That’s a LOT of noise. However, type in the words: “generate constant money now,” and there are only 347,000 (THOUSAND) sites using those words. That’s a BIG difference. You’re saying virtually the same thing, but you’re eliminating a LOT of the competition?

Get it?

It may take some added effort, at first, but after awhile, you will start getting the knack of it,. By concentrating on a niche target area, you can make it even more specialized and less competition. For example: “generate constant money at home now” brings it down to 247,000 sites.

Stop getting lost in a sea of cacophony. Use the tools that are there, and put the odds in your favor. There is something to be said for being that big fish in the little pond.

See you at the top!

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