Writers Offering Relevant Content Should Remember Trade Publication Example

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Offering relevant content is simple if you swim in it every day and you have reasonable skills in writing and communicating.  It’s clearly one of the magic bullets of effective SEO. Often that which is simple however, is not always easy.   A trade publication offering relevant content is a perfect example of how a writer seeking Internet relevancy should think. 

I find that the best articles are ones that write themselves because they are born out of experience.  The confidence and trust of the writer is absorbed immediately by the reader.  If I were a the owner of a trade publication offering relevant content, I would hire writers that had this quality.  Think about it.  If you like sports, you know that you will enjoy a dive into Sports Illustrated. If you cook, then a cooking magazine will capture your fantasy but not just because there is a good picture on the cover.  It’s the relevancy inside that will keep you coming back for more. It’s the way the articles pull you in by authors who know what they are talking about that hold your interest in a distracted and competitive world of options.  Internet relevancy works the same way as the trade publication example and because it’s a free forum with few boundaries, poor writers and content providers abound. If you want to make SEO and content work for your business, don’t be one of them.

Far too often, I talk to Internet content provider wannabes who claim to be offering relevant content but when I read their articles, I can tell in seconds that they know very little of which they speak.  My immediate thought then becomes, “Is this person really interested in offering relevant content or are they just interested in building their business?”  Internet relevancy is a fact that cannot be altered and attempts as short circuiting the system with a quick fix is the best way to get penalized by search.  Don’t misunderstand.  We are all in business and we are all looking for new customers. But a great writer who is a champion at internet relevancy understands the importance of giving himself/herself away to hungry readers searching for truth.

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