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When you have registered a good domain name, relevant to your business, and you have acquired

a webspace, then the next thing you want to do is to attract quality visitors. Visitors interested in what you are offering via your website, be it information or be it goods for sale. In this article I

will take a leather goods store as an example.

One way to attract visitors interested in the content of your website is the following: post articles about the goods you are selling. For example, at market leader: You will get a lot of interested readers and your articles will be republished in ezines, all for free. The only thing you need to do is to write articles.

If you have a leather goods store, for example, you could write articles about the goods you are selling. Giving an detailed description of the different articles you are selling. Since you are allowed to include 2 domain names in the author resource box, readers shall be able to find your website by clicking these links. And there you have your interested quality visitor who is likely to buy from your website when the prices for your leather goods are ok.

In this way, you are using the power of article writing and publishing to promote your domain name and website. This is far more effective than any other way to promote your website. People will find your articles and find your website for years to come, giving you quality visitors and quality links to your website. You will get listed in search engines like:, faster then you even imagined. Do not wait to start your domain name and website promotion now using self written articles.

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