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Maybe you are thinking , “all the good domain names are taken already” ? Not so ! Sure, more the 72,000,000 domain names have already been registered, but this doesn’t mean it would be impossible to register a good domain name relevant to your business. Your success depends on: 1? how you select your domain name; and 2? how you promote your domain name. In this article I shall explain domain name selection.

Domain name selection can be done as follows:

a) Visit the following website: “” and select “Google Suggest”. Say for example you need to register a domain name for your handbags selling website-store. Then type “handbags” in the

Google Suggest search box, and you see that 8,550,000 results are found. For “handbags retailers”

we find 156,000 results. These results give us an idea of the keyword popularity. It is important to use relevant and popular keywords in our new to register domain name.

b) Next visit the following website: ””. Enter “handbags retailers”, and choose data to display: “Keyword popularity”. Then press “Get more keywords”, and next press “Additional keywords to consider”. Remember we are looking for keywords

high on search volume, but low on competition. So press “Advertiser competition”. As a result we see

two keywords are low on competition and high on search volume: “handbags store” and “handbags retail”.

c) Say for example your store name is “McFeeley Leather Goods and Travel Accessories”. Then you could decide to register: “” or “”. These domain names are relevant for our example business, high on search volume, and low on competition. In order to get interested visitors to our website, we shall start to promote it via quality

links. The more external links a website has, the more visitors it shall get, the higher the rankings in the

search engines. Interested visitors, means customers ! I shall explain this in the article “Domain Name Promotion Tips”.

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