Name Your New Website With A Lot Of Thought

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Let me start by asking you why you want a website? Perhaps to provide Information, services, selling products. These are just a few motives.

Why do people visit websites? Maybe the price of gas is too high, now that oil prices climb. Perhaps they are house-bound or simply don’t like crowds. What they don’t want to do is run around city malls, or stores that make them walk the distance. No crowds at the check out line are a positive force that makes them search the WWW for interesting gift ideas or services. Perhaps they don’t want to walk, they want to sit back and search. These are impatient people who ‘skim’ over sites because it is more convenient and faster than conventional ways of shopping. No big packages to carry. Let a carrier service ‘deliver’. These people think about what they want and when they search for it, they put labels on what they seek.

Doesn’t it make sense to title a website so they know what is offered on it?

Take a title like “”, yes, it is one of my sites. I offer security products to the public and the title says so. Now, if I used something like “”, what am I saying? Why put dashes in there? Who remembers dashes! What kind of products? Who is JDoe? What is AAA? Perhaps the thinking, here is for a company who wants to be first on some alphabetical listing. So, why do so many people naming their websites, use off-the-wall titles? Perhaps the owner thinks it is ‘cute’. Cute? Perhaps if I am selling teddy Bears-but, I’m not. Don抰 let your ego get in the way. You are not the only one who has that last name. 揥ow, gotta get my name in there! Comment: Who cares, except for you, if your site is named after yourself? People who want to know more about me, simply go to my websites and there I am, I introduce myself, give little bit of my past history, and what I stand for on my home page. Now, let’s take a look at another site (yes, mine, too),

My service is to help my customer base that work at night, live alone, or in a neighborhood that is not safe. to “Walk Away Safe” is what I offer, a product and a service. I searched many hours for this title. Simplistic and it says what the site does and the service it provides. I asked my friends about some names that were available, walked away for a few hours, and then I asked them which ones they remembered. They all said “”Walk Away Safe”, except for two, who chose a name that was close. I asked why that one phrase stood out-Walk Away Safe? They replied, “It was a title or phrase they could easily identify with. It was down to earth. It stuck in their minds”.

Another point of interest is “will your customers remember you when they surf other sites”? If you make your title ‘stand out’, you have succeeded in making things simplistic for them. My last title is Now, I am asking you to think this one out. “Security” hmmmmm, must be in a business that specializes in security products, and the next word is ‘cameras’, must be security cameras (plural for many types), plus, which identifies accessories needed for security cameras. Put it all together, and the title says it all. That title took some time, as well.

When you start your title search, be patient and test drive them. Some names are already taken, just keep searching. Stay with the common extensions, too. dot com, dot org, etc. are more likely to be typed, unlike dot biz, dot usa, or others that just don’t grab. If you see 1 800 000 0000 or 1 866 000 0000, which one do you remeber? Most say 1 800. Whatever you decide, for your title, keep in mind it reflects your personality. Title your site for your customer.

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