The Secrets to Choosing A Great Domain Name

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Having trouble choosing a great domain name? Below, I will outline the secrets to choosing a great domain name.

Believe it or not, domain name can make a difference in your search engine rankings. I have done many experiments in Search Engine Optimization, and my results show that domain name which contains the exact keyword phrase of your topic tend to do better in search engine rankings.

1. Your Domain Name Should Contain Your Keywords

So for example, if your keywords you are targeting is about soccer rules, then your domain name should be Try not to use, try to use the exact phrase. That way, not only will you get better rankings in search engine, people will also remember your domain name easily.

2. Don’t go with the dashes “-“

People always come up to me and say that “But all the good domain names are taken, so I want to get a one with the dash, so I can get a good domain name.” However, this is absolutely not true, because there are millions, if not more, great domain names available out there in the .com extensions. All you have to do is take your time and you can find great domain names. Also, it is much easier for the visitors to remember your domain name and type it in the address box. By the way, what will you say to your friends when they ask you your web address? Will you rather say “” or “soccer dash rules .com”?

3. Keep with the .com’s

You should always keep your domain name with the .com’s, since that is the most popular type of extension, although from experience, the extensions don’t really affect your search engine rankings. If you go for something like .info, or .cc, then most likely that people won’t remember the domain name easily.

4. Keep it Short and Catchy

Make sure you keep the domain name short and catchy. Try to keep it as short as possible. So instead of going for, use or Also, use some catchy words such as “secrets”, “top”, “ultimate”, “killer” etc.

By following these techniques, you won’t make the same mistakes again when choosing your domain name.

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