Enhance Your Blogs With Public Domain Works

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Every bloggers knows that in order to keep readers coming back you have to update your blog regularly with fresh content. This can be a real challenge, especially if you have several blogs that you need to keep up with. And even though you will need to edit your public domain content in order to (read on...)

Tips to Effective PPC Advertising

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Pay per click (PPC) advertising has expanded rapidly as a way to very selectively target customers. This is a look at PPC marketing and how to use it to your best advantage. Why Use PPC? When administered properly, PPC advertising has the following advantages: Targeted customers are coming to (read on...)

SEO – A Three Step Process – Part Two

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During step one I discussed how to do some basic research on what terms your website should be search engine optimized for. Part two covers how to use those terms in your actual website in order to attract the search engines. The main thing to remember is that the search engines do not employ (read on...)

7 Steps to Email Marketing Success

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For the past few years Email Marketing has been making a particularly strong case for being the most cost-effective form of marketing with huge ROIs (return on investment). So how do companies large and small take advantage of this relatively new form of marketing? These 7 simple tips should help (read on...)

How to Do Keyword Research – Importance of Keyword Research

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How to do keyword research If you are into article marketing, blogging, SEO, PPC advertising or other forms of internet marketing with the sole purpose of driving unlimited traffic to your website you can’t succeed without doing a thorough keyword research. One of the important of keyword (read on...)

Use Video Marketing to Boost Sales

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Everyone wants to get more traffic to their website. Everyone wants that traffic to click on their ads, or purchase their product, etc. What everyone does not know is how to drive more traffic to their site. Video, one of the most effective marketing devices is helping people make massive amounts (read on...)

Web Hosting – Which to Win Over? Price Or Quality

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When using the internet, what is the difference between using one Web hosting service over another? Aside from the obvious, Web Hosting Price, the main differences from one hosting firm to the next is service and reliability. When you are talking about the internet it is all about the service (read on...)

Video Marketing Tutorials – Should You Bite?

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There’s a flood of video marketing tutorials.  It seems like video marketing is the “flavor of the day” in the Internet marketing world and everyone wants to turn a buck teaching you how to leverage a webcam and a little effort into a traffic-driving moneymaker. If you’ve (read on...)

Using Your Title in Search Engine Optimisation

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When performing any sort of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation on a website you need to make plans before you start hacking and slashing at the content. You need to have a damn good idea where you want to be.This Idea will be reflected by your choice of Title. I would have assumed that you would (read on...)

Is Church Marketing Evil?

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Some people believe the church can be more effective by utilizing processes most commonly and effectively used in business today, including marketing. In fact there are companies that specifically help churches develop a logo, a slogan, a website, brochures, and a multi-faceted marketing campaign (read on...)

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