Domain Development – 5 Reasons to Create a Website Instead of Parking

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Domain names which generate traffic are worth a lot of money because the traffic it receives is able to generate advertising revenue for the owner.

To date, domain owners have used domain name parking companies as a simple solution of monetizing their domain’s traffic into ad income for themselves. All they have to do is:

  • open a free account at one of the parking providers
  • change the domain’s dns to the parking company’s nameservers,
  • add the domain into their parking account,
  • select a category for the name
  • pick relevant keywords to suit the domain

After this, domain owners can sit back and collect ad revenue at the end of each month.

However, recent changes in the industry has led to a decline in domain parking as an option for owners of premium domain names. Here are 5 reasons why it is better for domain owners to create websites on their domains instead of parking them.

  1. Internet advertisers can now opt out of having their ads shown on traffic from parking pages
  2. Advertising income generated from parking domains is on a downward trend
  3. Traffic produced from direct navigation to domains is decreasing due to new features in browsers and search engines
  4. Domain Parking does not offer users and visitors any reason to bookmark or return to the site
  5. Domain parking does not create any additional traffic from search engine rankings

On top of this, parking pages generally have a negative image amongst most web users and advertisers.

Domain owners have had it real good for a long time, it’s now time for them to sweat it a bit in finding good domain development solutions.

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