6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Google AdSense Earnings

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Google AdSense is an excellent way to earn money online and if used properly it can produce a very large, reliable income. To get to a level where you are making a substantial income can take a lot of time, work and patience but with these simple tips you will be able to achieve this goal much sooner.

Quite a few of these tips have helped beginners and experienced users to boost their incomes in a very short amount of time.

Here are 6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Google AdSense Earnings

1. The first step to improving your Google AdSense earnings is probably the biggest and most important step of all. Write Good Quality, Focused, Keyword Rich Content. What I mean by this is that you have to write good content which is focused on a particular subject. Since AdSense is contextual, it needs to know exactly what you are writing about, so it knows what ads to serve. Also making your article rich in good keywords will not only mean better Adsense ads but it will help you get indexed well in search engines like Google.

2. Getting ranked in the search engines is a very big part in making money with Google AdSense because the traffic coming from search engines like Google and Yahoo are more likely to click on your ads then traffic from anywhere else. By focusing on getting indexed in the search engines you will be able to boost your AdSense earnings through the roof.

3. Ad placement is also very important in making money with Google AdSense. By doing a search on Google you will be able to find something called a Google AdSense heat map. This map shows the best spots to place AdSense on a website or blog. Putting AdSense in the right places will increase your click through rate considerably.

4. Ad colour scheme also helps your click through rate. By experimenting with you ad colour scheme you will be able to determine which one produces a higher click through rate than the others. Sometimes colours that blend in with your website work best but sometimes it’s the colours that stand out.

5. Don’t use too many ads. This may seem a little bit strange to some of you because you would think the more ads you have the more money you will make but this is not always the case. Too many ads can scare a visitor away from your site because it all just looks to confusing and AdSense ads aren’t all that pretty.

6. Test, Test, Test. The only way you will ever know what works and what doesn’t, is to just get out there and try it on your own website. You should never stop trying new things with Google AdSense, even if you have it set up so you are making a good amount of money. One simple change could make you an extra $50 or $100 a week.

By using these six simple ways to improve your Google AdSense earnings you will be able to boost your income within just a couple of days.

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