How to Expand Your Legal Practice With Online Legal Marketing

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Simply having a Web site without Search Engine Optimization is as useful as having an ad in the phone book. Yes, it may get you some contacts. And yes, you are spending money on marketing, but it isn’t the way that top law firms are connecting with new clients with cases in their practice areas.

Let’s say you have an %26quot;auto accident%26quot; practice, but you also handle family law and DWI’s. Once you run an ad in the yellow pages or even on television, there’s a chance that no one with those particular cases will read or see your advertisement. Your worthy investment may fail because it never reaches its relevant or targeted audience.

But with online advertising, you are capitalizing on an audience who is actively looking for your services.

And that’s a huge difference. You are reaching out to potential clients with potential cases in your practice areas. The best part is that you can continue to do that non-stop. The Internet is around for people when they need it most. It’s not like a television commercial which airs a few times, or a page in a phone book that is outdated before it goes to press.

So how does Internet marketing work exactly? Well people use search engines to locate Web sites. And lawyers invest money in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to target clients who are using search engines to locate attorneys. And just think about it, everyone knows someone who has used a search engine to seek legal advice or find an attorney.

The money your law firm invests in an Internet marketing campaign can be appreciated and updated to continue to attract potential clients to your practice area to fit your advertising budget by using SEM.

Screening Potential Clients

Internet marketing is the best way to reach out to clients and discern, with a few questions, whether or not they have a legal situation that you can handle.

Contact forms with specific questions about a client’s potential case can be posted to your Web site to boost your Internet marketing campaign. That way, the Web site screens the potential clients automatically. The process is interactive and provides information from the user, unlike a yellow page ad or a TV commercial.

Providing Ongoing Assistance

While there may not always be someone in your office to answer calls, you can guarantee that a Web site provides useful information about a certain practice area online 24/7. That is provided that you have a reputable company hosting your Website.

Each time a new type of litigation breaks, your legal marketing campaign can include topic-related news on your site and make changes to attract the types of clients you want. The possibilities are endless and potential clients are online at this very moment. Don’t leave the benefits of Internet marketing to your competitors.

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