I Deleted Your Message – Without Reading It

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%26quot;I’m here to sell you.%26quot;

%26quot;I have the latest and greatest internet opportunity that has ever hit this side of the planet. It’s in pre-launch so I’m sure you will knock my door down to be a part of it. You would be stupid not to.%26quot;

I really don’t care what your current business is or what would help you be more successful in business. The only thing I’m interested in is you signing up with my business and helping me with my success. Oh and by the way, this incredible offer expires at midnight tonight. Hurry up and secure your place. You don’t want to be the ONLY one left out%26quot;. I know it sounds ridiculous but we have all received emails like this. Desperation and greed thinly masked by words of excitement and hype that were supposed to seduce you into a buying frenzy running full speed ahead to the designated url with credit card in hand. Social marketing is experiencing some agonizing growth pains for those of us in network marketing. It seems the trend these days is to add as many friends or followers as possible and then spam them with your opportunity multiple times a day.

I know %26quot;attraction marketing%26quot; is a term thrown around on the web a lot these days. However, it has vastly different meanings to many people. Let’s face it, SPAM is SPAM. It doesn’t matter if it comes from someone in your friend list who contacted you once or if it comes from a total stranger. Many times they are one in the same. What’s even more amazing is getting 50 emails from 50 different people with the exact same subject line advertising a webinar from some %26quot;guru%26quot; in the industry. Do these people really think %26quot;Spamming%26quot; an upcoming webinar to their friend list is attraction marketing? The only person being promoted is the one giving the webinar and NOT the one who spammed the invitation. 95% of the people who look at your primary business are going to say no. Let’s look at the numbers for a minute. If you need to add 5 new business partners to your opportunity each month, in order to achieve the level of success you’re looking for, you will need to have 100 people review your opportunity.

How many people have sat down and given your opportunity the once over this month? In order to attract the 100 people, how many spam emails or updates will you need to send out? As numbers go, spam usually attracts not more than half of one percent. To get 100 people reviewing your opportunity, you need to send out 20,000 plus emails or updates. I know several people who nearly achieve that every week. My inbox is full of emails that get deleted without ever being read. Attraction marketing is building relationships. True long-term success will follow quality relationships. A question I like to ask those in my sphere of influence is %26quot;how many friends can you name their spouse or significant other%26quot;? Is it better to spend your time adding thousands to your friend list who are only going to be attracted to the next best marketer or is it better to spend your time developing quality relationships? Dictionary.com at-tract -Pronunciation [uh-trakt] …tending to cause to approach, adhere, or unite; pull (as opposed to repel) Need I say more? Hold yourself to a higher standard than 95% of the loons on social media. Use it to build relationships and success will follow.

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