Niche Marketing Videos – Double Punch!

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These days it seems everyone is online. By that, I don’t mean just using an online computer but putting your content on the net either with your own personal website or a business website or maybe you just contribute to a site where you post your opinion or videos. Many people are also doing internet marketing selling your own or other people’s products online as an affiliate. This is niche marketing.  For those who aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s basically a way to make some moneyby selling products online with a website or with email marketing or by submitting blogs and articles. If you are online with your own site and you want to have a lot of visitors, one thing you do need to think about is how much the search engines like your site. This is critically important for driving traffic to your website.  

To have a site that is smiled upon by the Google Gods you need a well optimized website with the correct Meta information (the invisible stuff), the correct percentage of appropriate “keywords” in your site’s text and as many external links to your site as possible. These links can come from adding RSS feeds, articles and online video that links TO your site from other sites on the net. Google is the biggest of the search engines and the one that most everyone wants to please. A while back, Google started letting it be known that if you want to get a favorable ranking then you should be enriching your site with lots of content. 

One great way to get externally linking content on your site is by using video networking sites like YouTube. You can put a video of any kind, even a niche video up there and leave a trail of cyber bread crumbs leading to your site.   There are millions of people on these video communities each day. The search engines know how much people love online video so …therefore search engines love it too! If you know much about internet marketing or using PPC to direct people to your sales pages, you know that keeping Google happy with your site is reason enough to want to put online video into your marketing plans. 

For internet marketers the benefit of video can also get them a double “bang for their buck” by incorporating video on their websites as well.    How?  Let’s say you are getting a commission from selling a diet product. So, you have a website with the product offer and you are trying to drive as many people to your site as possible while also trying to keep the search engines happy by making your landing page “content rich.” That is, something more than a couple paragraphs of sales pitch and a “buy now” button. You may have put a few links on there from blogs or related articles, that’s a good start. BUT by including a VIDEO on solving a problem for your customer on your webpage you are adding a big plus to the richness of your content. You are also using a proven effective sales tool that can sell the benefits of the product and warm up your buyers and increase your conversion rate…AND if you have a video linking to your site from someplace like YouTube you can drive traffic from your online community video to your website. PLUS the search engines will likely give you a higher ranking because you have an incoming link from such a highly ranked exterior site! It is easy to post your video on YouTube and then use the handy embed code that they give you to post the video on your own website. It’s an all-around win.  

So my advice is,  if you haven’t done so already, get onboard now with online video marketing!  If you are not currently using website video then find a way to do it, now. There are a few options to create these videos, and the right solution depends on how they will be used. If you are an internet marketer, then targeted niche video is what you should be looking for. To find information on a professional and affordable new source for niche marketing videos, take a look at the URL linked below this article. If you act quickly you can even get some free niche videos. 


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