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Well, where to start on this one. Keyword phrases are the single most important thing you can do to get traffic to your site. Not only traffic, but targeted free traffic. Imagine a searcher that finds exactly what there are looking for on your site by typing a keyword phrase into Google. Good chance they will bookmark your site and come back often to see your updates. If you are selling products on your site, this will make your conversion rate go thru the roof. What more could you ask for?

I personally like to use the free keyword tools online. Yahoo, Google, and free keyword tracker are the ones I use the most. I find the data from these tools are great and fairly accurate. Keep in mind when someone searches for something online, they first look for information they can get for free. Everyone likes free. Keep this in mind when you are creating your website. This might also help with becoming familiar with someone online. For example if a complete stranger on the street came up and told you about this great new vacuum cleaner they were selling. You would most likely ignore them. But if someone you knew did the same thing you might actually hear them out. Heck you might even buy from him. Why? Because he’s not a complete stranger.

When dealing with blogs and article submissions keyword phrases is what makes you get noticed. Your place in your niche is determined by the keywords you choose. So take some time and make sure the words you choose fall under these two very important criteria. First make sure your phrase is getting a decent amount of searches a month. 500-1000 searches a month is a good start for a micro niche market. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is finding a keyword in a great niche market that isn’t searched. Which means they get no traffic. Then most likely give up on the entire project. The second is to find a market that doesn’t have a lot of competition. To do this do an all in title search. Go to Google and in the search engine type allintitle:”yourkeywordphrase” . You will be looking for results under 15,000. This will put you in a niche market.

So take your time and pick out the proper keywords. Using these in conjunction with content rich articles can be as good as gold. As far as the search engines goes. Content is king. Use your keywords wisely, don’t spam them as much as you can. Organic SEO can take time. Keep at it, don’t waver and never give up. The results you seek will find you. Good luck and I hope this article helps.

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