What is Search Engine Optimization? Searching For Success

June 30, 2009 by  Filed under: SEO 

The meaning of search engine optimization is simply using certain keywords and placing it on the search engines. The keywords must be placed at certain parts, in order for the web content to show up on the search engines.

Places for this is the content’s title, description, if applicable, the content’s body, and the content’s end paragraph. Tagging keywords also helps improve a site’s overall SEO.

The primary issue of placing SEO keywords is placing too little or too much in the content itself. Placing too little words will devalue it, making it irrelevant to the engine crawlers. Placing too much words will cause the crawlers to consider it spam, thus either ghosting it or deleting it from the search engines altogether. This is called spamdexing, or spam indexing,

Also, the type and importance of these words are very important in determining the overall success of a typical SEO campaign. Content with competitive keywords take longer to reach the top of engines, while non-competitive ones get there faster, but this too relies on the content’s importance.

Most search engine experts will promise you that they will get your site to the top of the search engine in as little as one week. That’s simply not true, even with the best of web material and keyword placement.

Knowing the basics of SEO can save you both time and money, and you must have a good level of patience when dealing in dealing with this subject – or you will be KO’ed out the race to be on search page number one.

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