Is Twitter Killing Your SEO Campaign?

July 29, 2009 by  Filed under: SEO 

If you are not using Twitter as part of your website’s comprehensive search engine optimization plan, this new social networking community could be the death of your business.  As more and more search engine marketers integrate the use of Tweets into their SEO campaign, the need to develop an active presence on the site grows.  Failure to learn and embrace this growing community could have catastrophic results for your site – and make your competitor’s day. 

Using Twitter to climb the ranks of Google is surprising simple, despite the site’s much touted “no follow” links.  While other marketers view these no follows as a show stopper, this little trick will allow you to unlock the power of Twitter in no time.

To use Twitter for SEO:

•    Define your keywords and keyword phrases

•    Use these phrases repeatedly in your Tweets (standard keyword density)

•    Insert back links to your Twitter page using your other social bookmarking profiles, Web 2.0 pages and article marketing campaigns

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your Tweets will appear at the top of Google’s search page for your desired keywords.  More and more search users (and news organizations) are turning to Twitter as a source of breaking news, opinions, attitudes and trends.  When your Tweets come up on the front page of Google, you instantly appear as an authority in your field.  Although the links will not feed directly to your website, the name exposure you receive through the increased traffic will trickle down and contribute to your overall SEO campaign.

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