Use Video to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website

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Website owners need to focus on increasing their website traffic at all times. This alone can ensure that a consistent customer base is looking at the site which in turn helps to improve business. There are scores of web site promotion techniques going the rounds today among web site owners. The latest technique is to use small video clippings to grab the attention of users and coax them to visit a web site. Videos are the most happening marketing/ web promotion tool today and they are definitely proving to be effective in producing direct results – that is a vast increase in website traffic.

Before making a video, there are a few points to be remembered. A video has to be interesting, crisp and induce the user to visit the website. The attention span of people is hardly a few minutes in today’s world. Even advertisements on TV are getting shorter and shorter. So, the first important point to remember is to keep the video really short – a couple of minutes ideally and up to five minutes at the outermost.

There is one more reason to have short videos. Most sites where these videos are hosted have a restriction on the space to be occupied by them. Any graphics and music that is being used for the video should be freely available. If a copyrighted version is used, it might cause legal issues. The video content should be aligned with the needs of web site’s potential customers that is, it should show what the customers would want to see. If for instance it is a site that sells cameras, the video could show case different camera models and the pictures taken by using them.

Any one making a presentation on the video should be well prepared with notes so that they do not falter in front of the camera. It is important to keep the whole thing professional to sustain the interest of the people watching it. The products and services of the business should be mentioned clearly as also the target customers who will benefit from them. The website URL should be mentioned a few times during the presentation so that it gets into the minds of the people watching it. The web site address can also be captioned across the video a few times – once again with the same intention.

There is another use from this idea. Any one who likes this video might be tempted to host it on their site. All people watching it on that site will also get to know about the site on which the video has been made. This provides additional advertisement and visibility to the web site. The video has to be posted in several places to ensure that many people get to watch it. Typical sites would be Twitter, Facebook etc. The videos can be put on blogs too where a small interesting post along with the video would trigger the interest of the bloggers and prompt them to watch the video.

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