Conducting A-B Tests For PPC Ads

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Testing your ads is a very significant factor in whether or not you will be able to run a successful pay-per-click campaign. A/B testing can tell you which ads are performing better than others. If you do enough A/B tests, you will be able to create the best PPC ad possible for your particular (read on...)

Domain Names Ideas

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Whether you are starting a new business, or starting a new venture or web site for an existing business, it sometimes can be hard to think of, and find, a good available domain name. Many of the most obvious domain names, have been registered many years ago, and so, you will probably need to be a (read on...)

The Best Days to Send Your Emails

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One of the most confusing questions you must answer when beginning an email marketing campaign is when to actually send your emails. Poorly timed email campaigns will hinder success from the very beginning, no matter how much testing you do. Because of this, ensuring that emails are sent at the (read on...)

How to Design a Banner For Your Online Advertising Campaign

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A banner ad is a popular form used for online advertising since the early age of Internet. As you’ve probably noticed while surfing different websites, there are different types of banner ads. Banner ads are usually a image file created in GIF or Adobe Flash format, embedded on the top or (read on...)

Keyword Elite 2

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Brad Callen’s new keyword research software is finally out. For those of you who do not know who Brad Callen is he is a very well known internet marketer who created a few astounding products including the first Keyword Elite. It is a very revolutionary product indeed. Basically Keyword (read on...)

What You Get With Cold Fusion Web Hosting

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The simplistic explanation of Cold Fusion is a web design utility by Adobe that allows programmers to use standard HTML functioning while pulling information from databases.  For companies designing catalogs, this is the perfect answer for their web designing needs. Cold Fusion has quickly (read on...)

The Idiots Guide to Marketing Videos Using Nothing But Your Social Networking Know-How

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Social networking and marketing videos are seeing a merge of huge proportions online now. Books have been written about it, television shows report it and print media discusses it. One of the reasons may be controversy about all of the content, and possibly when negative comments about some of (read on...)

Go Slow With Your SEO to Maintain Results

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Google loves websites with plenty of keywords and lots of links going to them. One of the key areas of search engine optimisation is the effective building of links to a site as these are seen as good ‘votes’. The Google knowledge base has a lot of information on how they use links (read on...)

3 Strategies to Getting Massive Amounts of Cheap Traffic From AdWords

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The most important thing about making money with Google AdWords is that you can get traffic that you can afford & still make a profit from. That is why I want to show you 3 strategies you can use right now to get massive amounts of cheap traffic. Strategy #1: Go after a segment of your (read on...)

Domain Name Extension Definitions

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Domain name extension is the word that you read or type in accessing the internet. It is also the word that you are using in your e-mail account. Domain name extensions consist of a top-level domain and sometimes even a secondary-level domain. The top-level domain name that is widely recognized (read on...)

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