YouTube Marketing Tactics – Become an Overnight Sensation

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The phenomena of YouTube is astonishing and continues to grow. How it can be used for marketing purposes though is a difficult thing to grasp. There are numerous videos on the site which are thinly-veiled sales pitches with little or no content. These are an automatic turn-off for most people and do not help you build an kind of buzz in your industry. Try to use these tips to achieve a level of celebrity in you marketplace.

Create quality content

This should not be overlooked. If you can give some valuable content then people will recognize the value and seek you out in the future. The key is not to worry about creating a professional looking video. You can record it on a basic video camera or screen capture software and get the point across.

Create new content

Make sure you are up-to-date on the news in your market. When something new is said you want to take immediate action. For example there could be a provocative blog post by a well known writer in your niche. People will start to talk about this and a buzz will be created. If you can create a video very quickly and add your opinion to the mix you will be associated with the conversation and be seen as an expert.

Build a following

Tie your videos in with your other social media sites. So when you have a new video uploaded you should let people on Twitter and other sites know that it is there. Send people from your blog or your email list and you should generate many comments. By building a network around all these sites you can build a loyal following.

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