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You might have a website that you are not getting a lot of traffic to and you don’t know why that is happening. There might be a lot of RSS readers but no-one is actually buying anything from your site and that is because they are not sales targeted traffic. Getting this type of traffic is easy and simple, but there is a lot of work involved.

Many people have heard about search engine optimization and this time I am going to discuss on page optimization. This is what actually tells the search engines what your webpage is about.

If you are selling something in the hopes to make some extra money, to be able to pull search engine traffic you need to be sure that your site is easy for the search robots to understand and then rank in the result pages. If you are not clearly placing your product names in your website title, and page titles the robots are going to have a hard time figuring out what your site is about.

To correctly optimize the webpage it is important for you to mention your main keywords in your articles and your image “alt” tags. This is because of the simple fact that the bots can not understand the images, and use the alt tags to categorize them: if your images clearly display your product names, it is easy for them to categorize your webpage in the result pages for your products. You have to remember to treat the bots as machines instead of humans, that way you can make some cash with your website.

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