Beware While Purchasing a Domain Names

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Getting good domain name is become a hard job. If you have tried to find available domain to purchase, you probably know that most of the good domains are available in premium purchase only. The cost of premium domain depends on the quality, value and demand of that domain in Internet market.

Normally the cost of the domain name is about 9-10 U.S.D., but rates of premium domains ranges from few hundred to thousand dollars. You can see the difference between the rates, this is only because that particular domain broker has registered this domain before you and if you want to have this domain you have to pay high cost instead of normal 9-10 U.S.D. rates.

These premium domains are already registered before years just to have high margin commission due to demanding market. We can not do anything with that. But thing we can do is to be aware of this thing and be safe while choosing a domain name & finding for its availability.

Suppose you are an owner of ANY Company and you want to purchase a new domain for it. You will check for It’s availability on some domain registrar’s website and you find it’s available just for 9$ and, you don’t have credit card information on hand right now, so you decide to purchase it later. Now after a few days when you come with credit card to purchase it, what you find is this domain is already registered and listed in premium category to sell. It will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Yes this may happen with any body probably due to ANY is demanding word and the website where you tested for its availability, may have sold your domain choice to brokers.

So, always be aware of this thing and always search for availability of domain only when you are ready to purchase it, and you are ready with your payment options on hand. Don’t allow any one to know your domain choice and don’t let brokers to book it before you. And always remember to purchase it from trusted source.

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