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Search engine optimization is not only for the SEO experts, in fact most of this market consists of regular web masters who just want to get their sites to rank better in search engines and get more quality traffic to the site pages. Realizing that most of the people who practice SEO do not specifically work as Internet marketers or study SEO as a main part of their career explains a lot about the nature of the work that is being done out on the net.

When any professional learns something he is introduced to the idea methodically, as the time passes the professional slowly starts to gain control over the process and starts to perform it himself, in time the professional would execute the process himself without any need of guidelines or help, this is the normal learning procedure we have been used to since grammar school; learn, watch and repeat the process yourself.

When a non professional seeks to practice search engine optimization on her site she will need to first learn a few things about SEO and only after that start executing the things she learned, however the main problem with search engine optimization is that it is such a vast area and it branches out to traditional marketing and sometimes even involves learning some developing code and this could take a long time just to learn, without getting to the execution part.

Because of the complexity of search engine optimization learning and understanding it is important that a non SEO professional who wants to improve his site ranking should make a clear list of tasks and expectations, simply not to get frustrated when discovering that a few months have gone by without anything actually being done. The first thing to do is to focus only on one aspect of SEO and get to executing it as soon as the basic idea has been learned.

For example link acquisition is a big part of search engine optimization, if a person learns how to get links and what to do with them and feels that he now has control of this concept, he could focus his attention on this one thing for a short time, maybe even only a few hours per week, once he has completed 10-15 hours of work on this one aspect of search engine optimization he can move forward and learn another technique that will help his SEO efforts, for example better site structure.

If we would follow this example a person planing to learn and execute SEO by herself should first plan to invest a few weeks in learning about link acquisition, then invest 10-15 hours putting this knowledge to work by executing what she learned, when she completes 15 hours of work she would start learning a new technique of site structure and will implement this when she feels she knows enough to start.

Execution is crucial for any business, search engine optimization is no different, if you are not a professional SEO do not get tempted to learn every aspect of this industry, simply focus on short term goals and execution to get you the results you need.

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