Ranking Higher – How to Get Your Small Business Site on Page One of the Search Engines

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If you have a small business site, you need to get the most clicks that you can. With a little work and frequent updates, you can get a ton of free traffic to your site, just by moving it up the ranking in the search engines. If you can get the number one or two spot, your site will get clicked by almost 90% of the users for that topic. Read on to find out how you can get your site ranking higher.

Here are a few things that you need to do to ensure that your site will move up with SEO:

1. You have to tailor your web page to a specific 1-2 keywords. The search engines like specific content.

2. You need to frequently update your targeted page so that the search engines will know that you are creating new content. Do this at least once a month, but more often is better, which is why blog-format web-sites tend to rank high.

3. You need to get other sites to link to your page. You can do this by writing articles, purchasing links, having your own web sites link back to your pages and many other ways.

4. Don’t compete on the hard keywords. Instead, try to find a keyword niche where there isn’t a lot of competition. If you can rank high for a less popular word, it is 100x more profitable than getting stuck in no-man’s land on a popular word.

5. In order to get your site ranking higher, you need to have your page around awhile. Search engine like pages that have a history. Pages that are newly established take longer to move up than pages that have years behind them. If you have a site that is older, but stale, you can easily tweak it to get a higher ranking.

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