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If you plan on converting your articles to video and then submitting them to video sharing and video search engine sites such as YouTube, MySpace videos, Yahoo video search, MSN Video search, Google video search, AOL Videos, iFilm, Grouper,, and Vsocial then there are few things you need to understand first. There are over 90 million people who watch over 4.5 billion videos each month. It is no wonder people who own a business or who just want to reach allot of people with an important message want to learn how to submit online videos they have created from scratch or converted from a article to the video sharing sites, and the online video search engine sites.

There are main players in the video search and sharing marketing industry just like there are main players in the SEO mainstream search engine industry. Google recognized this in early 2007 and finalized the purchase of YouTube in November of 2007 even though they already had Google video search. They realized that YouTube controlled over 52% of the video viewer traffic with their online video sharing site,and made wise decision to purchase them

Google paid a whopping 1.65 billion dollars for this acquisition but new that on line videos were a gold mine for website traffic. They also new they would now be the leading search engine as well as the leading online video share engine site as well as the leader in online video sharing sites. it is mo wonder that every search engine marketer, and video sharing and video marketer uses Google as the template to design their respective online marketing strategies.

If you plan on converting you online articles such as newspaper articles, and how to articles, you have posted to various news article directories and article directories, you will need to understand how YouTube lists and measures your online videos. YouTube is not a online video search engine site. They do not send video spiders out looking for videos. They are a Online video sharing site and you need to understand this concept before getting involved converting your articles to video. When you are ready to submit your converted video articles online it is import that you submit to YouTube first. They control over 52 of the online video traffic so get them on YouTube first before submitting to the other online video sharing and online video search engine sites.

So now you are wondering how does YouTube work? Why does it work? And what kind of traffic can I expect after converting and submitting my video articles to other online video sites such as MySpace videos, Yahoo video search, MSN Video, Google video search, AOL Videos, iFilm, Grouper,, and Vsocial. Well that depends on allot of different variables. In my opinion and there are many out there, there two variables you need to pay very close attention too. You need to identify who the opinion leaders are and how they discover the videos they would like to share with their followers. And number two you need to identify where they are discovering, when, and how.

In the first variable there the opinion leaders identify and download videos they think their followers might be interested in. In the second variable they are actually spreading their influence by recommending videos for their followers to watch. This could be millions of viewers or just a few depending on what there niche is and how many followers they have. For example YouTube editors could be classified as opinion leaders because they recommend sites to viewers in the different channels. If you end up on one of these recommend hot lists it could turn in to massive traffic depending how large your channel following is.

Well folks that concludes my article about submitting video articles to online video sharing sites and online video search engine sites.

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