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The article is for the web site owners that are fed up with trying to get eyeballs to their sites. The search engines are tying to provide content for their users as accurately as possible, but may times that means your site won’t be picked up, even if it looks completely professional. In fact the look of your site has almost nothing to do with your ranking. Read on to find out more.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part science and part art. The engines want to provide their customers with the most appropriate content based upon what they typed in to the search field. The sites that are more relevant and more popular get the first results and the least popular sites disappear into the abyss of the rest of the pages. There are billions of new pages that posted on the internet each year, but only the most useful pages get indexed by the search engines.

In order to get your site ranking higher, you will need to do some work in the beginning and then some periodic upkeep for the life of the site. SEO is not a static process. The engines like fresh content, so you will need to provide it.

Here are 5 things that you can do to get your sites ranking higher so that your business can achieve financial freedom:

1. Optimize you page based on only one keyword or phrase.

2. Your domain name should also contain the keywords as well.

3. The search engine spiders read your page from the upper left corner, to the lower right, just like you would read a book. You will want your keywords early on in the page because of this.

4. Get links from other sites to point to your page. You can bargain with reciprocal deals, where you each link to one another’s pages. You can post articles and get ezine authors to publish them, or you can pay to get links.

5. Lastly, you will need to promote your page to the world. Using a blog, you can tell people about your new products or services. With RSS, people can subscribe to your blog and learn more about what you have to sell on a frequent basis. The more people that click on the links form your blog, the higher your page will be ranked in the search engine listings for more traffic to you.

Joshua Black is an on-line infopreneur, marketing consultant, small business owner and copywriter dedicated to helping the bootstrapping small business owner succeed.

He also created the Underdog SEO Report.- An all-inclusive SEO guide that gives you 75 different methods to get your page ranking higher in the search engines:

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