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With so much talk about climate change and initiatives to be more conscious of the impact we have on the environment it is no wonder that many of the top web hosting companies are taking the lead to “Go Green”. The question is what does it mean for a hosting company to go green or to be considered a green web host? Before we answer this you should understand the impact that the web hosting industry has on the environment.

When you sign up with a hosting company your website is placed on one of the hosting companies servers. Depending on the size of the web hosting company they may have as many as 100 servers or more. Companies such as and currently manage thousands of servers. Each server produces emissions much like a vehicle and these emissions can be particularly harmful to the environment. In fact it is estimated that with the size of the hosting industry rapidly increasing and with thousands of servers running 24/7 daily that the hosting industry will become just as much of a polluter as the airline industry by the year 2012. It is critical that the hosting companies take the proper steps to become as environmentally friendly as possible. So how do they do this?

One of the first places to start is right within their offices. Starting employee recycling programs or implementing internal processes that are paperless are a couple steps that many of the top green web hosts practice today. Some green web hosting companies have even gone as far as to have their employees work from home or at local satellite offices to reduce the amount of emissions they produce commuting to work. Another step web hosting company’s take is to plant a tree for every new customer signup or to only use eco friendly servers that use less power and still deliver superior results. The biggest move that many of the top hosting companies is making is to purchase wind energy credits. When a hosting company purchases wind energy credits they essentially replace the power they pull from the grid with wind power. Many of the hosting companies that are green are practicing this today.

As you can see there are many ways that a hosting company can become green. One benefit to you to host your website with a green web hosting company is that your website will be green. This is a fact that you can then advertise on your website so you can demonstrate to your visitors that you care and are conscious of the impact your website has on the environment.

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