How to Sell Your Website – Preparing to Sell

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So you’ve decided your website might be worth a pretty penny and you’d like to sell it. How do you start the process of selling your website? Here’s are a few things you need to have prepare before selling your website.

Website Traffic Statistics Potential buyers are going to want to know how many people you have coming to your website per month. Traffic is a major consideration when buying a website so make sure you have historic traffic statistics available. Google Analytics is pretty much the standard. Try to have at least 12 months of traffic statistics if you’re looking to attract a high price for your website.

Hosting You may be offering a period of free hosting when you sell your site, or you may need to give the successful bidder access to your hosting account to the website can be transferred. Make sure you have all login details available and ensure the new owner can gain access to the website without accessing other sites you may have on the same account.

Domain Name Transfer On successfull completion of the website sale, you will need to transfer the domain name over to the new owner. Make sure you have all your domain registrar login details so you can do this quickly and easily. It’s best not to transfer the domain until the user has transferred the website to their hosting account.

What’s Included List all the items that will be included when you sell your website. For example, if you’re selling an e-commerce website, is there any physical stock that needs to change hands in the sale. Are you also selling the rights to a digital product you’ve been selling through your website. Are you offering a period of free hosting so the buyer has a chance to transfer the website.

Listing your Website for Sale There are a number of places to list your website for sale.

Website such as are dedicated to selling websites and attract buyers serious about investing in quality established websites. Do your research and make sure you choose a website auction marketplace that has a history of selling site, after all when you sell your website you want to be sure it’s being seen by as many people as possible.

Luke Molly is an online marketer who has been building, optimizing and selling websites since 2001. You can find out more on how to buy and sell website at

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