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If you are just getting started in search engine optimization (SEO), then you need to keep reading. A website without any traffic basically does not exist in the eyes of the customer. You have to get your site in front of their eyeballs in order to make a sale. Read on to find out 5 tips to get your site ranking higher:

1. Header graphics- Most people that don’t do much with SEO are using header graphics. The problem with these is that the search engines cannot read them. They are not text, just a picture. The best thing that you can do with them is give them a keyword anchor text, which is not as good. Go straight to a keyword-based headline instead.

2. Optimize the page for just one keyword. You will need to research a highly-trafficked keyword for your product and you should completely point your page to that word or phrase. If you go for the sell-to-everyone approach, you will get no exposure, because the search engines won’t understand what your site is about.

3. Use your keywords in the name of your domain. No one cares if you are “ACME Flower Shop.” They want a dozen roses. Design the name of your site around what your customer is looking for. If the name of your company is that brand or tern they are looking for then that is your domain name, but for all others use the keywords instead.

4. Do not use any “black hat” tricks. Google will ban your page if it looks like you are trying to gang the system. Don’t use keyword stuffing, hidden text and links, link farms etc. These are tricks that the search engines look at. The idea is to give the search engine exactly what it wants from us to display our content as best as we can. If it appears as though your trying to be sneaky, they will ban your site from the listings and your business will suffer. The search engines now have human reviewers as well and they will see for a mile, everything that you are trying to sneak in and they will ban you.

5. Make sure that you are going after a niche that does not have a lot of traffic. If you have to compete with a high-ranked, professional web page for the same space, you will have a hard time getting ranked high. However, if you can find a rendition on the keywords that still has a large audience and less competition, go for it.

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