Domain Registration and Web Hosting – Choose Wisely and You Will Be Successful

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The most important thing that you need if you want to have a Internet presence is domain registration, and web hosting.

One of the things to remember when comes to choosing your domain name make sure that it is related to your business, service, opportunity. Keyword research is a very important step for you to do. One thing that you can do is type in the keyword or keyword phrase that you think someone would type in to find your particular business, product or service.

Once you get the results do the following, click on the number one listing and go to the site, then right click on that site and choose then click view page source. You will be looking for the keywords that are in the meta tags of that site. Also make note of the domain name of the site.

You domain name is chosen correctly will be key to people finding your page in the results when they do a search for your particular niche.

Your next step will be to do some keyword research, you can use the Google AdWords keyword tool to type in your niche keyword and see what choices you have to choose from that have some good search volume but are not to competitive. Once you have chosen the keyword or keyword phrase you will have to check to see if that domain name is available for purchase.

There are quite a few places you can purchase a domain name from the most popular is and Most people go for, versions when choosing the domain name, that will be up to you what your final choice is.

Domain names will vary in price from 7.99 and up per year, or you main to choose to purchase for more than a year at a time which will bring the cost down a bit.

Some of the domain name providers also have a web hosting option. Some people may purchase a domain name and choose to use another web hosting provider. Now when it comes to web hosting you will have to determine what type of web hosting you need. If you are not sure you may choose to seek out a web designer to create your website, in most cases the web designer will not only create your website but also can host your website.

When it comes to domain registration and web hosting you really have to make the right choices, you may be in a hurry to have your web presence but take your time and do it the correct way, if you do you will have the greatest success.

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