Domain Extensions – Why Get the Dot Com Domain Name?

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When it comes to domain extensions, have you ever wondered the importance of getting a dot com domain? Perhaps there is some SEO significance or another benefit of owning the most expensive one. On the other hand, maybe a cheaper one is sufficient and does the job adequately.

Quite often when you are registering a domain name, the first one to go is usually the dot com. Why is that?

One of the factors or fears is that people automatically without thinking, type in So, potentially you could lose some traffic from all of your marketing efforts.

Does this mean that you must get at all costs?

Should you look for an alternative name or is the cheaper extensions good enough?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting your website ranked high in the search engines for the keywords or phrases people are searching.

So, does having a dot com domain name have any SEO benefits? Absolutely not, the reality is, when you are creating a website, content is king! No matter what extension you have.

Cheaper extensions

If you are targeting a global market, your first choice should be However, if it is a name you must have, either has significant respectability. On the other end of the scale, you may want to avoid getting one of the info domains that might be available.


If you are focusing solely on the country that you live in, perhaps you might want to consider a geographic domain. You might be starting an ecommerce store selling physical products on eBay; an example of this would be using extension.

In conclusion, it is worth spending a few extra dollars a year for that premium extension, but also remembering SEO has no bearing.

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