The Benefits of Having an Opt-In Email Marketing

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There are two kinds of email marketing that are used in online business: opt in and random viral; random viral is easier, but opt in email has a number of benefits that outweigh the amount of work you have to put into them. Opt-in email is an email marketing strategy that allows you to collect willing email addresses to your online business by offering things like rewards or perks in return for the prospective client’s email address. Then you can send them advertisements and newsletters without the person getting irritated and throwing it out right away without looking at it.

Opt-in email is harder work than the random viral email. This is because instead of just grabbing random email addresses, you have to entice them out of people by offering something in return. This means that you’ll have to sink some money into your marketing and spend some money on your online business, but you can get some excellent returns for a bit of cash. The simplest and cheapest thing to do is to offer coupons to those who sign up to get your newsletters and advertisements. You can sweeten it a bit by calling your email ‘newsletters’ or just notifications instead of advertisements and that makes people a little more tolerant towards getting your emails.

Opt-in email as a marketing strategy is a great thing to invest in for your online business. Instead of getting a long list of people where only one or two in a hundred will click on your URL, you’ll get a pool of people who are genuinely interested in your products and are far more likely to buy from you. This means that you’ll also get a customer base that may forward your URL to other people who would be interested but may not have gotten your first run of advertising, so you’ll be getting the word of mouth advantage too.

This kind of email also makes people more likely to stick with you as their company for whatever products they are purchasing from you. This is because they will trust you, they won’t be irritated by advertisements and you can give them information on products that will actually be useful to them. This level of personalization makes people feel closer to your company and thus more likely to buy from you.

Be prepared for a certain amount of work however. You can use social media, advertisements in articles and banner ads on websites that are related to your products to draw in potential customers and then offer things like coupons in return for their name and email address. You can even use viral email to get people to opt-in, though it’s good to mix in other marketing as well. Only ask for their name and email address; most people are wary about giving anything else for contact information to a company that they have not had extensive dealings with before. Once you’ve secured the email addresses of your new customer pool, only use them to send out newsletters every so often; no more than once a week and only if you have something to offer to tell your customers about. Constantly barraging the customer’s inbox with pure advertisements will only irritate your customers and get them to take themselves off your contact list.

With a bit of effort, an opt-in email list for your online business can be a great way to secure a good base of customers and start a string of word of mouth advertisement as well.

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