Windows Web Hosting Plans – Basic Features You Should Know

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Whether it’s a Linux-based or Windows-based plan, if you are looking for a hosting plan you will not be starving for choices because thousands can be seen online. They are very easy to find because of their popularity. But before you start availing them, there are some important things that should be considered first, basic features that need to be included in your windows web hosting plans.

Here are the basic some features of the windows web hosting plans that be should present in your hosting package.

1. CDONTS or Collaboration Data objects for Windows NT server is a component used for messaging that usually comes together with Windows NT/2000. This is a Window-based plan that must present in the package.

2. A database is very important as this allows all the windows plans to work compatibly with Microsoft Access 2000 Database. This is extremely beneficial for starters.

3. Database connection refers to the control panel. A web host package must include a control panel option. Control panel allows users to manage and create DSNs.

4. NET Support. A lot of web host providers include this feature for free. is expected to replace the Microsoft Active Server Page or ASP which is one of IIS or Internet Information Server’s feature.

5. ASP Components. Aside from a default ASP feature. There are also many kinds of third-party programs. So do not forget to check these party programs web hosts are providing.

6. FTP accounts. FTP accounts are basically use for file uploading. It also allows the deletion and allows updating them.

There are many windows web hosting plans out there on the net. So it is really advisable to check first their package deals before availing their services.

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