Dot Tel Domains – Five Considerations For Professionals

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Dot Tel (.tel) is a one year old Top Level Domain (TLD) that has a special value to professionals and professional practices around the world. This technology can be accessed anywhere that there is an internet device and connection.

Dot Tel gives the owner a web presence at a low price of the annual registration fee. This is around $US 12 per year depending on where the domain is registered. There are no domain hosting fees which a professional practice would normally have to pay. This is an annual saving of a minimum $US 60 per year.

Secondly, a Dot Tel web site can be developed easily by the professional who owns it. It can be filled out by following a simple set of instructions, and changed any time that the professional wishes. They also avoid the costs of a webmaster or web site developer. This could be a saving of around $US 1,000 or more per year.

Thirdly, if any contact details are changed in the Dot Tel, all patients, customers, and clients have a near-immediate update to the professional’s details. This is as long as they have the professional’s Dot Tel information. This represents a big saving in time normally taken by a professional’s support staff to contact clients with the details of the contact information changes. This results in financial savings which could be more than one week per year of one support person’s time. This saving could be a at least $US 500 per year.

Fourthly, instructions can be given to clients or patients which they can access on the professional’s Dot Tel web site. For instance, if the professional is a physiotherapist, a list of exercises to be done daily for a particular problem can be placed in a folder (part of the web site) with instructions on how to do them. No paper instructions are necessary unless there is a requirement for pictures. In this case paper instructions, or a link to another web site would be required. The web site could be a free Squidoo lens where pictures, video, and text could be placed to support the function of the main web site.

Fifthly, the professional can write a blog on a Dot Tel which would include developments in their profession of relevance to their clients. The blog can link to any information, and web sites deemed of value to the professional and their clients.

There is no doubt that Dot Tel can save a professional money; no matter what that professionals industry or activity might be. If the professional gives the web site address to their clients, the professional will save a lot of time and money, not to mention the benefits to the professional’s clients.

Bill Rutherfurd is an early Dot Tel adopter. He thinks it is a great tool for a cheap web presence with fast access to contact data and information especially on mobile phones. To find information about his Taupo, New Zealand Dottel please go to His Dot tel blog can be found at

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