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With the advent of MySpace, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it is not surprising to find the reason Google has found its fears coming true. For many direct marketers who have found themselves ousted by the exact company they made famous – Google – many are wondering where to take their advertising dollars they were spending with AdWords. The answer has become Facebook in a not so surprising fact, and here is why.

Facebook is becoming a direct sales marketing dream for many looking to use their advertising dollars wisely Facebook is the handshake that many are looking for. Of course this social platform continues to rule there advertising with an iron fist, this does not mean that you will not find the perfect place to truly draw in the traffic you have been looking for. As a matter of fact, you will find that this medium is better than many others.

The fact that you can literally direct the traffic you desire is perfect for any direct sales or affiliate business owner. With Facebook the marketer is in complete control of the market they intend to advertise to and with over 39 billion page views a month, that is quiet the marketing advantage for you. As of today this perfect medium has only 1/20 of the marketers that Google AdWords has, and this will be a great traffic opportunity for any Internet business owner or affiliate marketer with such a low amount of competition

With the lower cost of the advertising and the fact that you can narrow your advertising to age, sex, hobbies, marital status and personal interest like movies and music, you have the advantage and the opportunity to create massive success with your ads than anywhere else online. Facebook of course comes with strict rules on the ads that are placed on their site. By reading through the policies one will notice that much of the rules are geared towards the actual website and or, landing page the marketer uses. Landing page optimization will be a must before listing your ad with this platform. With the fact that you can practically hand pick your market, your conversion rate should dramatically increase your sales.

Of course there is a learning curve with what is called “permission marketing” with Facebook. Learning to market with this new found traffic creating platform will take some education as does anything you wish to find success with, but once learned, this opportunity could make you a wonderful success story also.

David J. Boozer is a successful online marketer and business owner who has found that through proven training and mentoring success can be found. To learn more about social marketing and other proven marketing strategies please contact David at: http://www.familyunlimitedopp.com/investigate.

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