Stick in Your Client’s Mind by Choosing a Domain Name Wisely

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When choosing a domain name consider the following:

  • Make it short
  • Make it descriptive
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it with “.com”
  • Make it out of your main keyword (s)
  • Make it easy to say to someone without having to spell it out

If the domain name is too long then it becomes much harder for people to remember. Plus, shorter domain names just seem to have more clout. Honestly, I do not have any data to back up that statement. It really is just my opinion. But think about it. How many characters are in the websites you consider to be the best to spend your time on?

So, now you have a tall order here. You have to choose something descriptive with as few characters as possible. PLUS, make it memorable AND use your keyword or keyword phrase.

Sometimes your desired domain name is not available. Sometimes you can get it but with a different extension on it such I have included my opinion as to why you really want to get that “.com” domain. Sure, snag up all the other extensions if you want but your main target should be that “.com” domain.

If your desired domain name is not available or you get news that it is available for a cool $2,500 then consider some other resources. There are auctions available where you can bid on premium domain names that are already taken but you might really want. Some of the available domains on auction could be closer to what you are looking for and more within your budget. Two big sources for buying domain names on auction are eBay and GoDaddy.

I always try to get a domain with “.com” because that is what people are most likely to remember. One time I was looking for a pet sitter. I saw their website. It was a good website too. I was very impressed with the owner’s Internet business strategy and web design choices. A few days later, I was talking to a friend about this pet sitter website I came across. We had access to a computer so I suggested we just go in there and type in what I thought the website name was. It was the furry godmother something or other. Anyway, I originally typed in “”. What I got in return was not what I remembered at all. It took me awhile to find the correct website but not every website visitor out there has the same persistent nature as I do. It turned out to be a “.biz” domain PLUS it had a dash in between the words.

That brings me to another point. You will see that my domain name has a dash between the words: It is because I really wanted that name. But, it is really difficult to explain to customers my website name with that dash. It is not a very big deal if I am relying on search engine traffic. But when relying on word of mouth or even having someone recall it from their memory, using the dash is not the best option.

After awhile my desired domain name became available without the dash so I scooped it up! When I bought that domain name I just had it forwarded to my original website. Now, I don’t have to add in all that extra explanation when I tell someone my website address, problem solved. builds websites for small businesses, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, and authentic information marketers. But mostly it is about creating something that matters, is useful, and inspires others. Getting started on the right path can save a lot of money down the road. Sign up for weekly e-Tips on Making Your Website Work at

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