Why Page Rank Doesn’t Matter

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Page Rank (often abbreviated to PR) is a score set up by Google that ranks every single site on the internet. The scale ranges from 0 (being low) to 10 (being the highest). A site’s Page Rank score can be viewed by installing Google’s toolbar onto your web browser.

When trying to rank in the search engines for a particular keyword, most people look at the amount of search results that they keyword generates. This is an awful way of doing things for so many reasons (but that’s a topic for another discussion). Some, more insightful people have taken to simply looking at the top 10 results for the keyword they wish to rank for and looking at each sites’ Page Rank score. These people are on the right track, but are just a little bit off the mark.

Since Page Rank is simply a by-product of having lots of (high authority) links pointing to your website, it does carry some relevance to how well a site will rank, but why is it that you’ll consistently see PR4 sites outranked by PR1 sites? The reason is that these lower Page Rank sites are ranking for that particular keyword because the backlinks that they have generated have got that keyword in their anchor text.

A link’s anchor text is basically the word(s) that a user must click to follow that link. Most anchor text is typically ‘click here’, but internet savvy people have realised that putting their keyword in a link’s anchor text will help them to rank for that keyword.

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