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1. Link Popularity Tools

A. Link Popularity Checker – shows the total number of backlinks pointing to your website calculated by the search engine. This is one of the most used tools in computing your website’s online presence.

B. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer – is basically used to determine the backlinks of your site and the anchor texts used on those backlinks.

C. Link Appeal – measures the popularity rating of having a link on the URL you enter. PageRank, number of backlinks and overall percentage of links to HTML are included in the process. The main objective of this tool is to have a guideline for evaluating all the links on a particular web page.

D. Site Analysis Including Link Popularity – produces a full site analysis including the indexed sites, amount of inbound links, Google PageRank and name of the domains listed in DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory.

E. Link Popularity Tool – a link tool used to check the total number of pages linked to your site in Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, HotBot and MSN Search. This tool also check your DMOZ and Zeal presence.

2. Exchange Link Tools

A. Free Reciprocal Link Checker with PageRank – the tool will read the HTML code of your site and check the broken links after you type in your website home page URL in the search box. The spider groups the links into two: internal and external links. External links are the outgoing links to different domains and the inbound links are from the same host.

B. One Way Link Verify – a detailed report is produced on numerous search engine factors for a specific page. A Google API Key is required to make this tool functional.

C. Online Free Reciprocal Link Checker – insert the link to search for and the listings of the sites which you have traded links. The spider will visit the URLs you inserted individually to see the links pointing to your website. Never forget to put the exact address where backlinks should be found. Take note that the crawler doesn’t read the links inside frames, JavaScript, flash and other server scripts.

D. Site Link Analyzer – examines a web page and the brings a data table of backlinks with the corresponding anchor texts. The column for anchor text is altered to alt text if the backlink came from an image.

The suggested link tools may have approximately the same names but really performs different functions in the world of SEO. Bear in mind that guaranteed SEO service is needed for a better online visibility.

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