How to Make EDU Backlinks Work For You

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There are mixed reactions to the use of .EDU sites to improve one’s ranking in the top search engines. Some experts believe that the use of .edu links can help a person get top rankings because of the credibility that .edu links have. The other side of the argument thinks that these links from .edu sites do not hold any credibility anymore because of the abuse done by previous spammers.

The belief that .EDU sites do not really hold any value in search engine optimization comes from the past when student bloggers used to ask web master for payment to link to their bags. The search engines are now aware of the abuse and have put the necessary stops in place to prevent this kind of abuse.

The other side of the argument also holds merit. Since the early years of the internet, technology has developed to a point where the complex systems and algorithms that search engine employ can discern if a site is out to us black hat techniques to get better rankings.

The Search sites are also employing techniques that mix state of the art computers with the discerning eye of a human being. With the help of an actual person, the search engine can determine whether the content is relevant to the link itself.

This brings us to the most important aspect of any link building. The content must be relevant in order to help the increase in chances of page one ranking for a site. A .edu site holds a great deal of credibility because it is like site wherein the web developer needs to qualify before they get the domain that they want.

With relevant content linked to your site from the .edu site, a search engine can identify that the content is not just any other spam but it is a valid piece of content. The linkage from a credible .edu site can add credibility to your site. One example this is if a web published research from a school linking to your site as a source of reference. This increased credibility brought about by this link will help improve your ranking in the search results.

You can then see now that there are definite benefits to using the unique credibility that .edu backlinks bring to an SEO campaign but it will only be useful if you use unique and relevant content. Ultimately, content remains the king. A dot edu site will not work to improve your rankings if you do not have the right content for it. So get the perfect content and capitalize on the benefits that a .edu site brings to the rankings of your own web site

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