Project Payday – Real Or No Deal?

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That’s the sixty four thousand dollar question that’s being asked all over the Internet.

The Truth Lies In Between

I can’t call Project Payday a scam because I have made a little money with their method, but they are quite loose with the truth. They grossly exaggerate how much you can earn as well as the amount of time and effort required. While not a scam, they are ethically challenged and for the small amount that can be earned, it’s way too time consuming and risky

The Only Way To Make Real Money On The Internet

To make a genuine online income you will need to learn a new skill set and let go of the free trials & paid surveys and clicking for pennies & 12 hour days in the traffic exchanges. (I know. I’ve done them all.) The simplest skill to learn is so basic and affordable (free) that a bum off the street could do it.

Welcome To The Bum Method Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers get paid a percentage of sales of the traffic they drive to company websites. They usually use paid methods like pay per click search engine advertising. The Bum Method, also called, article marketing, allows you to compete with the pay per click ads for targeted, search engine traffic without paying a single penny.

Meet Your Teacher

Pot Pie Girl makes 6 figures a year using her 7 day action plan called, One Week Marketing. Thousands of her followers have started making money for the first time, with the exact same system. The greatest thing about it is you never have to wonder what to do each day, or if you did enough or not.

You know exactly what to do each day of the week. At the end of the week you get ready to start all over the next week. Every week is a new campaign for a new product. At the end of a year, you have 52 separate streams of income on auto-pilot.

One Week Marketing Is A Game Changer And Comes With An 8 Week Money Back Guarantee

To get the first 18 pages free of One Week Marketing go to now.

For more information go to Earn Affiliate Income now.

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