Step 1 to Internet Marketing Success – Video Marketing

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Self Branding is getting yourself out there. Letting people know who you are and how you can be of “value” to them. The only way people will do business with you is if they know you, and trust you. How can you brand yourself over the internet?

– Social Media Sites
– Professional Networking Sites such as Linked In
– Video Marketing
– Article Marketing
– Blogs
– Many More

Today, we will touch down on the topic of Video Marketing. This form of self branding is one of the most powerful and effective tools you can utilize for getting traffic to your company sites, personal web pages and getting your self known as “The Expert”.

My goal is to make YOU the expert here. Because as an “associate, consultant, or independent representative”, you are really just an employee representing ANOTHER opportunity or product. Its extremely important that you represent yourself and not a company. NO ONE LIKES SALES PEOPLE! One of the best sites to use for Video Marketing, would be very well known as “YouTube.”

For your first video, you will most likely be very nervous because its like walking up to a stranger and talking to them about everything in your life, right? AWKWARD!!!! In this video be calm, relaxed, wear something half way decent and be sure about what you are saying.

1. Introduce yourself. (Who you are, where you are from, and why you’re making the video)

2. In your video, tell them how you can help them with anything and that you would love to be of service to them. Remember, you are not making this video to sell product or do business.. JUST to be helpful.

Are you familiar with the saying, ” A picture is worth 1000 words”? Well if that is the case, think about how powerful a video is. You do not want to come off as if you are hungry for prospects or you are trying to smooth talk your way to a sale, because that is not why you are making this.

Coming off this way makes is so that people do not want to deal with you personally never mind involve themselves in a business venture with you. Coming off this way is why you are reading my website and watching my self help videos.

Your viewers are looking for an answer, for someone who is going to be helpful and valuable to them on their journey to succeeding in their industry. Remember that people are viewing your videos because THEY are LOOKING for help, not the other way around. YOU ARE THE EXPERT!

If you have enough impact on their life and are valuable to them they will eventually contact you regarding one on one marketing lessons or coaching.. Here is where I will leave off until we discuss STEP 2.

Thank You for Reading,
Daniel Lawlor
Internet Marketing Coach

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