Surviving the Competition – Using a Customized Video Squeeze Page to Carve Your Business Identity

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To survive the competition in Internet marketing, it is very important to be unique. A person looking for a product would check many offers from different marketers before he buys a product.

Those who make sales are marketers who have something different to offer. This is the reason why many marketers who base their services on the lines of more successful marketers or their mentors, have limited success.

If you have been struggling to make a sale then you need to take a look at all your tools that you use to project yourself and your product. Does resemble any other product? Does it remind of a more successful marketer? If it does then it is time to do some thinking.

Let’s take a look at the most important tool in your fold – The squeeze page. If you benchmark it, you would find that it actually resembles another marketer’s or may be several other marketers’ pages. Your uniqueness is lost and that is the reason why people don’t sign up. And if they don’t sign up, you don’t have a list and hence no market.

The reason your page resembles another is because it is template based. A template is an already made page that into which you can insert your content and host. Templates are sold for a very price as they lack the visual appeal and don’t offer uniqueness. The quality of the graphics and colors used can seldom do the job for you.

The only alternative to using templates is have a squeeze page that reflects your thoughts and design ideas- those ideas that you know will work for sure. Here is another tip. Use a video. It will show a marked increase in your conversions and facilitate easy list building.

Your job can be satisfactorily done an experienced video squeeze page designer who understands video making, copy writing, marketing, advertising, traffic building and SEO. Make sure you find the right else your purpose will be defeated.

Don’t settle on a replicated or overused squeeze page template. Use the most professional and affordable custom video squeeze page design services that will brand you as an authority in the already over crowded marketplace online.

Venkata Ramana runs a professional internet marketing outsourcing company for 5 years. His company has delivered over 600 custom tailored video squeeze pages to over 300 top internet marketing clients!

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