The Lowdown on Search Engine Report Pages (SERP’s)

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Ranking to page one position one isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of an SEO’s (Search Engine Optimisation) measurement of a sites effectiveness. Some people have a definite fixation about getting their site to the number one position for a key word or phrase that they think will be the magic bullet that will propel their website masterpiece to top ranking prominence and nothing else matters. SERP’s rankings can vary. Mainly because it can depend on where you are in the world, the region or even the time you make a search.

It is a common mistake made that once you are near page one and position one in SERP’s that’s all that counts. It won’t necessarily stay there, it will fluctuate. Sometimes it can depend on the time of day or temporary changes. Or a keyphrase that’s become more competitive. Looking at it from another angle, your achieving number one position in SERP’s but for the wrong keyphrase that is useless for your product/service that Searcher’s are likely to be searching for.


So, once all the SEO work is done, and your now within the first two or three, or even better, within the first page of SERP’s, wonderful. But that’s only half the equation. What counts is once people have found you, the content of the site is affective enough for the prospective customer to make an informed decision to purchase your product or service.


This is the reason why no person who offers an SEO service and is worth his or her salt will guarantee a top position in SERP’s in any search engine. If they do don’t go near them. The measurement should always be traffic and increasing actual sales. Its the combination of increasing search traffic to your site plus providing meaningful content once they have found you means your website is optimized to do what you want it to do – which is to get you business. This is, after all, the whole point of the game.

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